Accutax Thinking Squirrel Unvailing

Our fifth tree trunk sculpture to be completed in the Hamilton Road area.  Friday Oct 12th, 369 Hamilton Road @ 3:00

The  Accutax “Thinking Squirrel”, which is carved from London Maple, is sitting on a stack of income tax and accounting books while he works away at an old fashion mechanical calculator.

This whole  project, which started off as a whim, has taken off and really started to build momentum.  We have now confirmed sponsors for 17 of 18 locations  and carvers have been commissioned to do the sculptures.  Many of them  are in the works or almost completed.  The Ealing School Eagle’s Nest sculpture  should start, on site, across Hamilton Road from the school  next week and the Crouch Library carving is being worked on, again on site, right now.   Titan the Trafalgar Road Grizzly will be installed the week of the Oct 22nd across from Trafalgar Road School, in between Trafalgar Road and Hamilton Road.  The students  are very excited and following the progress on Facebook.

160 million people will be watching the World Figure Skating Championships on TV next March and tens of thousands will be visiting London personally.  It is our goal to ensure that  Hamilton Road, one of the main gateways to downtown, is something that the whole city can be proud of.   It is a very “fell good” story!

Anatomy of a Tree Trunk Tour

Dave Broostad

VP Hamilton Road Area Business Association