About Us

Our Genesis

The Hamilton Road Area Business Association was founded in 1999 through an initiative of the Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre. During our founding meetings, we developed ourMission Statement based on the input of area businesses we had surveyed.

Our Organization

From the membership at large, we elect a Board of Directors, which in turn fills executive positions from within that group. We incorporated in 2006. As you can see from the contact information provided on this site, our current Board of Directors represents a diverse cross-section of the Hamilton Road area business community.

Our Achievements

Some of our accomplishments since 1999 have included;

  • Regular trade shows and networking events
  • Feature articles and promotions for individual members
  • Production and distribution of membership directories
  • Comprehensive web site with free listings and links for members
  • Small Business education sessions
  • Crime Prevention sessions on a wide variety of topics of interest to our business community
  • Crime Prevention Business Police Academy courses in partnership with the London Police Services
  • Annual “Toy for Every Girl and Boy” drive and float in the Santa Claus parade
  • Regular informative newsletters to our membership with instant access through this site
  • Frequent and candid meetings with elected representatives from all three levels of government
  • Membership needs surveys to help us serve you
  • Town Hall meetings to deal with issues effecting our members
  • The development of 2 annual Business Excellence scholarships for Thames Secondary School
Our Current Projects

Our Association is working on two new projects:

1. The introduction of local Police Foot Patrols along Hamilton Road
2. Strategic Plan to promote our member’s businesses and dealing locally

Police Foot Patrols
Our association has lobbied and been successful in bringing Police Foot Patrols back to the Hamilton Road Area after a 40 year absence. Beyond the law and securities issues that are obvious, we believe that having these police officers walk the beats along Hamilton Road will provide comfort and reassurance to our citizens. At the same time, in a kind of retro fashion, this will help enhance the community atmosphere we are trying to preserve. These Foot Patrol officers will be reachable by cell phone. If you have a concern that you would like to share with them, you will be able to call them directly.

We have met on numerous occasions with Police Chief Murray Faulkner and all the officers of the Community Foot Patrol Unit. They are committed to starting these Patrols at the earliest possible time.

Strategic Plan
This community web site (HamRoad.com) is part of our new Strategic Plan. Along with this web site, we branded our logo and are promoting both the web site and the logo through an advertising campaign which includes our innovative and aggressive banner campaign.

You can see ou colourful banners hanging from hydro poles all along Hamilton Road. Our plan is that these will, in addition to adding to the colour and ambience, promote our association and direct businesses and consumers to this site.

We remind all Community Organizations that they have access to this site and we encourage any of those organizations to submit upcoming events to our community bulletin board, including promoting their activities, linking to their web sites from www.hamroad.com and allowing citizens to find information about anything they need – from where to find a Scout Group, to who is having a yard sale.

Please check out all our business members who are listed along with descriptions of their services and links to their web sites. All new businesses in the area are invited to join the Hamilton Road Area Business Association and any local businesses not currently involved are welcome to join the association. We are a growing community-conscious organization looking to build the Hamilton Road into an area to be proud of and where Londoners will want to shop and visit. The Hamilton Road Area Business Association is not just Hamilton Road – our area encompasses a very large area. Join our association and find out more. JOIN NOW

We believe that HamRoad.com is the web site of choice for area citizens who are looking for services or wondering what is going on in their neighbourhood.

This is YOUR business association and we want to hear from YOU!

You may contact us at: president@hamroad.com

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