Community Listings

This web site was put together using as much detail and information about our community organizations as we could find. We understand that initially some of this may be out of date and we also understand that some organizations may have been missed all together.

If you can see inaccurate information about your organization or if there is additional information that you feel we should have included, please advise us via whatever medium you feel comfortable.

If your organization has been left out altogether, please contact us to provide the information we need to include you.

Listings are free to all local entities along with the one page downloadable advertising/business card of your organization and what they do. (See Hyatt Avenue United Church and All Saints Anglican Church for examples) You are responsible for producing this ad which can be put together in Word or any other publishing program which can easily be transferred into a pdf format. We have members who would be willing to help you do this for a nominal fee.

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