Crouch Library – ABC Tree

The Crouch Library Branch and The Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre  selected the submission from local artist Ted Hayes, who has completed his first full carving.

His design starts at its base with an opened story book titled “Celia’s Honey Tree” in honour of his  first grandchild who was born on the same day he started the mother bear base. Mother bear is presenting her cub as she appears out of the book while she is being showered by the honey from the tree. Words of inspiration are featured on the spines of each book above the honey as they spiral higher on the tree.  They are being used to support 3 stacked and off balanced children’s ABC lettered playing blocks. These blocks are being used by 2 squirrels who have retreated to a safe place from the  busy street below. As a reminder of  the 3 R’s, which in current times often reflect re-use, reduce and recycle,  a wise old owl perches itself on a recycling bin that emerges from the back of the trunk carving


The woods used are White Oak for the lower half, which came from London’s own Boler Mountain where the tree was removed for new ski runs and the top half is White Ash rescued from London’s ongoing Ash removal project. The final carving weighs in at more than 1,000 kilograms ( that’s 2,200 lbs for us older types) and towers in  excess of 4 meters in height.