Discover the Unexpected


You tube video link – Discover the unexpected on Hamilton Road, London, Ontario. The Hamilton Road Area Business Association Tree Trunk Tour features more than a dozen custom carvings, each with their own story and history. Don’t leave London Ontario without first checking out these amazing artistic peices. (video production by

This is a copy of the new micro-video/commercial we have just completed.  To add to the “coolness” factor, the plot line came from a story provided by one of our local businesses, Midtown Tire.  A customer from out of town traveled down Hamilton Road for the first time and could not believe the reaction his kids were having to our Tree Trunk Tour.   Please get with the plan, share with as many as you can and add to your social media postings.   This is a true David and Gouliath story about a small, east London business association that discovered a way to punch way over their weight.       Stay tuned.

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