Ealing Public School – Eagle’s Nest

Mike Tamasi, principal of Ealing Public School asked his students to submit  their ideas for the carving across the street in the Pine Lawn Ave park or the  old “Bus Turn Around” as the long time residence know it.  The common theme that came back to us  was their mascot, the eagle.  There school newsletter is called the Eagle’s Nest so it made sense for Mike Winia to incorporate both into his sculpture.

Mike Winia’s specialty is realism and he uses chainsaws exclusively.  The Eagle’s Nest depicts a mother eagle landing to one side of her nest to avoid hurting the two Eaglets inside.  She has one eye on her children and one eye watching for danger.

The drift wood branches, that make up the nest, have been signed by the pupils of the grade one class and their signatures have been engraved into them.  The Medicine Wheel, on the east side of the sculpture, was a special request from the native children at the school and symbolizes their culture.

The carving is cut out of a 100 year old white oak trunk  that  was harvested  from the London area over 10 years ago.

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