Egerton Baptist Church – White Tail Deer Family

Egerton Baptist Church Deer Family

Sponsor: Hamilton Road Area Business Association

Title: White Tail Deer Family

Carver: Robbin Wenzoski

Completion: November 2011

The Story:

This was the first carving created on our tour. This Elm tree, one of the last in London, was over a hundred years old and its canopy covered Egerton Street when it was in its prime. It had succomed to Dutch Elm Desease, was scheduled for removal by the city forestry department.

Carver’s comments:


Google Map Location: Egerton Baptist Church Deer Family @42.98064,-81.212343

Next closet Heading East: Pinheiro Realty | Youngs Insurance Lion @42.979531,-81.207043

Next Closet Heading West: Trafalgar Public School – Titan the Grizzly @42.980169,-81.213185

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