Egerton St. Deer: Day 5

egerton banner size day 5_edited-1

Work is continuing on Egerton St. and the rest of the deer are starting to emerge from the wood. I stopped by on day 5 of carving the White Tailed Deer family, and continue to be impressed by the progress. I’ve taken another shot of the north side of the tree, you can compare it to my previous posts.

The tree has really opened up, and the second deer now stands parallel to Egerton Street.  Robbin was working on the face of the third one, a fawn, as I watched.

Just the right amount to remove.

One of the things you notice when watching a chainsaw carver at work, is the speed with which progress is made. Robbin regularly checks the shape of his creation from different angles, but when he decides to make the next cut, the saw makes it seem effortless. Robbin’s wife, Laura, works with him on site, and remarked that some pedestrians have guessed that the animal at the top was a dog or a lamb.

Not dog antlers.

Rest assured that the deer at the top is only a couple of antlers away from clearing up any confusion. Each of these antlers is carved from one piece of another tree trunk. Robbin has some pictures from his workshop on his facebook page. There is still a lot of work to do, but the sawed off stump that was here just a week ago is almost forgotten. The second deer has already received some of the detail work to show the texture of its fur.

There are a lot more developments to come, so stop by the website, or better yet, the sculpture itself. This is on the verge of becoming a brand new landmark for Hamilton Road.

I have more in depth information on the original Tree Trunk Tour at my own website, here.

If you are interested in finding out more about this artist, just click on his name Robbin Wenzoski.

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