Egerton St. Deer : The End and The Start

egerton deer complete featured

We have arrived! Hamilton Road’s newest landmark is no longer blocked off by scaffolding, ropes and pylons. The Egerton Street Deer Carving has been completed by Robbin Wenzoski’s skilled hand.

Four deer now inhabit the once plain trunk, and it took 9 days of carving to make it happen. If you get a chance to make your way to the Egerton/Hamilton/Trafalgar intersection in the next little while, stop and take a good look. If you don’t get a chance to do that, I’ve provided a view from every angle below to show off the first of many unique art pieces in the Hamilton Road corridor.

For a look at all the other carvings around London, check out my other website Looking Around London or London Tourism’s Tree Trunk Tour Map



Google Street views of the site June 2009

Egerton-street view 1Egerton-street view 4 Egerton-street view 5

Check back with for updates on our next community project.

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