Hamilton Road Animal Hospital – Pet Pole

Sponsor: Hamilton Road Animal Hospital

Title: Pet Pole

Carver: Mike Winia



The Story:

Hamilton Road Animal Hospital Pet Pole

  • The Pet Pole was the 10th in our Stable
  • The building with a modern contemporary look was originally built as a Private Portuguese Club/Sports Bar
  • In 2012, Dr. Rupi Avapal moved into the building renovating it into a state of the art Veterinarian Treatment Centre
  • Open all weekend and late at night, they can accommodate everyone and emergencies.
  • Dr. Rupi wanted to show he was part of the community and the opportunity to participate in our TTT was irresistible
  • We commissioned local chainsaw carver Mike Winia to put together this pet pole which reflects Rupis’ specialty’s dogs, cats and exotic pets and birds.
  • The sculpture is carved out of a solid Oak log as the cat reaches for the parrot under the dog’s watchful eye. There are no separate parts
  • He looks after all our pets and I would recommend him highly.
  • Another notable example of professional offices moving into our area and filling in the spaces between the Good stuff.
  • Business Gentrification no question

pet-pole The Parrot takes shape


Carver’s comments:


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Hamilton Road Animal Hospital Pet Pole-drawing