London’s Panda Bear Cubs

The Jia Jia and Lin Lin Story

Qing Zhu Chen, a famous and in demand Chinese contemporary artists, was asked to head a committee of artists, in China, to come up with a concept that would symbolize the coming together of our  two great cultures in the spirit of friendship and cooperation.    In keeping with this theme, we ended up with the coming together and cooperation of two great art forms and mediums, as well.  One the oldest on record, water colour painting and the other one of the newest and fastest growing, tree trunk carving.

An initial water colour submission featuring two panda bear cubs hugging each other on a rock with bamboo shoots and maple leaves in their grasp was submitted by Mr. Chen and his group.  With this as a template, the final carving commission features the two panda cubs sitting on a large rock and hugging each other around two tree trunks, one of Bamboo and the other a Canadian Maple tree winding its way around it.  Both umbrella into beautiful displays of bamboo shoots and maple leaves respectively and the cubs Jia Jia and Lin Lin gaze up at the crowns above them.

In keeping with international tradition, we wanted to name our Panda Bear cubs and incorporate  a London  theme with  equally appropriate, Chinese linguistic origins.

Jia Jia means Canada, home, or best while Lin Lin means either forest or trees.

The tree trunk carver, who we commissioned to design and complete the carving, is  local sculptor Mike Winia.  Mike has done many of the existing works in our Tree Trunk Tour.

The symbolism continues as the finished Panda Bears are carved out of a very large piece of solid Ontario white oak tree trunk, one of the hardest and longest lasting mediums for wood sculpture.  Jia Jia and Lin Lin are sitting on a stone base of limestone carved out of a rock from Manitoulin Island.


Our Sponsors

Without the financial support of those below, this would have never been possible

  •  Tourism London
  • STIHL Canada
  • York Developments
  • Stone Paradise
  • Asian Business Opportunity Committee, London Chamber of Commerce
  • Chinese Canadian National Council
  • London Chinese Business Association
  • Chinese Overseas Students’ Association
  • Chinese Freemasons
  • Hong Ping Restaurant
  • Kambie Restaurant
  • Forever Home Co. Ltd.
  • Dr. C.Y. Yau and Family
  • Lily Wang and Family
  • Betty Tam and  Family
  • Lin Qing Qing and Family
  • Sherman Lang and Family