Rei Dos Leitoes – King of Pigs

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Carving Story:    This was the fourth carving, in our tour,  and the first to use the  limestone slabs as a base.     (Thank you Tony Medeiros of Stone Paradise)    The logo and/or mascot of our famous  Rei Dos Leitoes restaurant, “The King of Pigs” statue (Hammy) actually started off without any clothes on, or at least that was how the original  design looked that owner Rui Vieira and carver Robbin first came up with.  There was nothing inappropriate about it at all, however, at the initial public meeting there were a few irrational complaints, so they decided to put the Portuguese National Soccer Team outfit on him, which was amazing as it added to both the over all look and symbolism as well.  Thank you so much to that man that mad all the fuss so many years ago.  I am sure it had something to do with the World Cup win they had this year, (2016)++

Type of Tree:  White Ash recycled from a tree on Bruce Street, here in London

Installed Date:  Aug 16th, 2012

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Footing for new tree trunk being made…