Sasquatch Debut

Official Debut of our ‘Rockin-est’ Sculpture so Far

Our 15 Foot, 2000 lb Sasquatch will Lumber Down Hamilton Road for the First Time

Date: Nov 15, 2017
Time:  12:00 Noon

Venue:  Summer’s Home Hardware, 526 Hamilton Road, London, Ontario

Sponsored by Tourism London, STIHL Canada and The Fans of Bobnoxious!


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The Hamilton Road Area Business Association is pleased to announce the unveiling of the 20th Tree Sculpture in our Tree Trunk Tour, which has now become a significant tourist attraction, and certainly the coolest,  for the city of London

When installed,  “The Rock-Squatch” will tower almost 15 feet high to the tip of his raised right hand, which forms the famous Rock & Roll Horns sign with his fingers.   He plays a Bobnoxious guitar and will stand on an upside-down shopping cart, integral to the sculpture and the lyrics of the song EOA.

The Story

  • 7 years ago, the small but enthusiastic Hamilton Road Area Business Assoc. decided to create the TTT (Tree Trunk Tour).
    • We had no existing tourist appeal so we would just have to create some ourselves. What followed was an amazing metamorphosis and chain of public carved wooden tree sculptures that will now number 20. We have been promoted and advertised all over the world during the World Figure Skating Championship.  The TTT has become a significant tourist attraction and the coolest public display of art anywhere allowing us to punch above our weight in many ways.
  • Three years ago, Bobnoxious, the East London Rock Band, recorded a self deprecating, tongue in cheek song about our neighbourhood called EOA (East of Adelaide). By mentioning our Tree Trunk Tour in their lyrics, the only good thing in the song, they started a unique relationship that would lead to the most significant and coolest addition to our Tree Trunk Stable.  We call this SerindipiTree
  • The Hamilton Road Area Business Association had been looking for some time for ways to broaden the demographic appeal of our Tree Trunk Tour and this Sasquatch Sculpture does that big time.
  • The concept/porotype drawing was done by well known East London Tattoo artist and Sasquatch addict Mike Austin. There is an “I Love EOA” tattoo on the Sasquatch’s right chest, of course
  • To raise the $3,000 needed to fund their portion, Bobnoxious Crowd Funded with their fans and met the goal within a week. Each of the contributors, over 200, will be listed on plaques which will be attached the carving.
  • This Sasquatch monolith will stand for internity in the middle of Home Hardware’s manicured lawn for all to see and admire.
  • A Cool addition to a Cool idea with cool pouring out every time something new is added,  This will be the coolest example of public art in London and a must see on anyone’s day trip, especially if you’re a Rock & Roll fan.