The Beginnings!

November has almost passed us by, and the time to start making the Hamilton Road Tree Trunk Tour a reality is here! Robbin Wenzoski has set up shop near Egerton and Trafalgar, and the White Tailed Deer sculpture is well underway.

It hasn’t really taken long at all, as our carving is already starting to take shape. I spoke to Robbin on site, and things are progressing well. The bark was full of nails and other bits, so it was removed as the first step. There is a big change in the look of the trunk, just a day and a half into the sculpting. Its certainly grabbing the attention of anyone headed down the street.

November 4th

November 25th

There has been a development which has changed the design of the tree. Originally, the tree was to have three deer carved in, with a buck at its highest point, carved in-the-round.  After some new developments, this tree will have a permanent LED lighting system installed in it. This low voltage system will make it the first self-lit tree on the tour. Rather than trying to have spotlights shining upwards, possibly being covered by snow and damaged by pedestrians, the lights will be incorporated into the design at the top of the tree.


Here’s Robbin, working on smoothing out the top of one of the deer. The rough-cut piece in the middle of the picture will be the support for a deciduous tree, sculpted to incorporate the LED lighting and wiring.

After talking to Robbin about the many trees he’s completed around the city (35, including public and private), I asked to see him working his magic. Here’s the full setup, and that’s his wife, Laura inside the rope.

The carver's safety zone.

Robbin assured me that being available to the people watching him sculpt was an important part of the job. He feels as though the more input the community has into a project, the longer its likely to be meaningful and the more it will be appreciated. Robbin has his own web resources, which I’ve linked to from my Looking Around London blog. You can see those here.




It takes a tremendous amount of focus to carve with that much power. A little bit of courage too, considering how a big mistake could happen in just a few seconds.







And the main corporate sponsor, STIHL, was in evidence, their equipment hard at work in Robbin’s hands.

This is after only one and a half days of work. Its expected that the whole Egerton St. tree will be done with 6 or 7 days of carving time.


There are many more trunks already carved around the city. They are all on the original Tree Trunk Tour, check out my reviews of each one here.

Keep coming back for a tree by tree update in the Hamilton Road area. There will be more information available about each project as we move forward.