Tree Trunk Tour Video Montage

To: Encouraging News for All Hamilton Road Area Businesses

It is always an honour to get acknowledgement from your peer organizations.

You may or may not be aware but our business association has been invited to give a presentation, about our Tree Trunk Tour initiative, to the upcoming Ontario Business Improvement Area Assoc. annual conference in Blue Mountain this month.  This is quite the honour given that we are not even a BIA yet and there are over 300 members, mostly small towns and cities.  Pres. Rick Pinheiro and myself will attend and present.  We have also been asked to take part in an on stage panel discussion called “If you don’t have a tourist attraction, make one”, which was the title of our submission.

Rick has put together a montage of video clips accumulated over the years and, luckily, there were lots to choose from.  Please take the time (8 minutes) to view it.  We should all be proud of what Hamilton Road is doing to rejuvenate itself.  The Tree Trunk Tour was just the genesis.

Please also forward this to anyone you know who has an interest in Hamilton Road’s future or anyone you recognize in the videos.  We will report back on how it went.

Dave Broostad

Hamilton Road Area Business Assoc

Tree Trunk Tour Project Coordinator