What is Business Watch?

Business Watch

Working together with Neighbourhood Watch London, Emergency Services, merchants and residences to enhance communications in order to develop safer business communities.  Business Watch aims to help businesses improve security and reduce crime by working with them to identify the problems and provide preventative strategies as solutions.  One of the most influential ways of reducing crime and the accompanying financial loss is by all of us working together in our local areas.  Currently, the Business Watch program is focused on inviting merchants along Dundas St. to enjoy the advantages of participating in proven preventative strategies which reduce criminal activity.  We are delighted to collaborate with various Business Associations and the respective City Councillors who are engaged with the merchants along Dundas St. and who are likewise invested in promoting safe and secure neighbourhoods.  Of particular note, the Argyle Business Improvement Association and Business Watch have launched an action plan to work together in the Argyle catchment area for the mutual benefit of all.     

Business Watch offers businesses these opportunities:

to participate

to share information by creating new ways of communication that may not have existed previously

to increase awareness of the issues

to keep everyone up to date with what is happening in the community

Aims and Objectives:

to encourage mutual assistance between members

to increase crime prevention awareness

to train employees to recognize and report suspicious activities and people to the police department

to train employees in preventing crime, handling emergencies and being good witnesses

to provide the opportunity to share information between members, residences and Neighbourhood Watch

to establish a closer relationship between businesses, the police and neighbours

to provide an environment that is unappealing to criminals

Business Watch Groups:
Business Watch is a group of companies who work together to reduce crime and vandalism in conjunction with Neighbourhood Watch London (NWL).  By teaming up with the proven success of crime prevention strategies offered through NWL, businesses can also join and promote the O. A. R. S initiative: Observe; Acknowledge; Report and Share.  

Business Watch Groups will be assisted by the established volunteer citizens in crime prevention, the NWL office, and through its association with the London Police Service.  NWL will further the Business Watch program’s effectiveness through cooperation with individuals, groups and agencies involved with crime prevention and safe communities.

What do you need to do?

Post a Business Watch sign – deterring potential thieves and trouble makers

Provide an email address and contact information to the Neighbourhood Watch London Office – in order to notify you of any criminal activity within your area

Have a Watch Coordinator and/or work with an existing Neighbourhood Watch Area Coordinator, serving as a liaison with the Neighbourhood Watch office

Have your employees attend a Business Watch meeting so that they have firsthand knowledge of what their roles will be

Removing the Criminal Element

Do you and your staff know your business address and phone number?  Is it posted close to a telephone in case of an emergency?

How secure is your business?

Do you have a system in place to communicate information to your co-workers and/or staff to the surrounding businesses?

Do you have a monitored alarm system?

Do you and your staff know what to do in case of emergency and/or robbery?

Are you and your staff aware of the Shopkeepers Right to Refuse?

What is the protocol if you discover a break and enter? (Call the Police at once.  Do NOT disturb the evidence!)

Have you evaluated your surrounding landscaping? What about preventing crime through environmental design?

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design  (C P T E D)

Natural Surveillance:      A design concept directed primarily at keeping intruders easily observable is important.
Territorial Reinforcement: Physical design can create or extend a sphere of influence. Users then develop a sense of territorial control which discourages potential     offenders who perceive this control.
Natural Access Control:     A design concept directed primarily at decreasing crime opportunity; denies access to crime targets and creates a perception of risk to offenders .
Target Hardening:               Features that prohibit entry or access such as window locks, dead bolts for doors and interior door hinges are all deterrents to crime.
More than 84% of break and enters and 92% of vehicle thefts in the City of London

occur in areas where residents do NOT participate in the Neighbourhood Watch / Business Watch Program.


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